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Brolink’s mission is to give our insurer- and broker-partners, as well as their policyholders, the best possible service. To this end, we support policyholders by enabling their brokers to:

  • Generate true comparative quotes that take the needs of the specific policyholder into account. This is vastly different from an aggregation of insurance premiums. Brolink’s processes distil the product differences into a single view that enables the broker to provide insightful advice to his or her policyholders
  • Provide peace of mind that personal information housed on the Websure system is protected. Brolink takes information security seriously and has committed to comply with the Protection of Personal Information Act
  • Maintain insight into the status of their policyholders’ claims at all stages through the claims process, allowing the broker to be there for their policyholder at their time of greatest need
  • Demonstrate exceptional service through a policyholder rating system included in the Brolink Quick Quote solution
  • Ensure that customers are treated fairly at all times through the innovative design, efficient processes and experienced staff at Brolink

Brolink provides a wide range of short-term insurance offerings:

Policy administration

Brolink’s systems enable the full range of policy administration services to brokers, insurers and underwriting managers, including:

  • Providing multi-quote facilities from a number of South Africa’s leading insurers
  • Enabling fulfilment by converting quotes to active policies with instantaneous electronic delivery of schedules and wording
  • Empowering brokers to do amendments and endorsements

Claims administration

We provide the complete range of claims administration functions, including:

  • Management of insurers’ panels of assessors
  • Authorisation for repairs/replacement and management of suppliers
  • Claims segmentation
  • A transparent claims process, enabling brokers to monitor claims progress online
  • Performance monitored in accordance with service level agreements

Recoveries and salvage management

The handling of the recovery process has become a highly specialised function. In order to achieve effectiveness in this area, Brolink has a team of dedicated specialists specifically dealing with the optimisation of recoveries and third party matters. Our proven salvage management process ensures optimal returns

Portfolio management and individual underwriting

At Brolink we are extremely proud of our highly successful portfolio management and underwriting record. This has proven over time to stimulate sales and policy retention with resultant profitability. The services include regular liaison with insurers and brokers to discuss portfolio performance

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Excellent service from Amanda of the claims department. Very professional, friendly, knowledgeable and responded immediately. Confirmed their services excellent service. That's why I do not even entertain other short term insurers offers for quotes.

Marianne D