Websure is a complete underwriting and broking system designed primarily for underwriting agencies and brokers with delegated authority.

Websure is cloud-based, which means everything is handled seamlessly by us. You never have to worry about installation, configuration, licences, back-ups, updates, maintenance or disaster recovery (if you ever need it). We do all that in the cloud. We also make sure your systems are secure and that your users have access to their delegated areas only – so the claims team, for example, won’t be able to fiddle around in the underwriting system, and vice versa.

Brolink is one of a select group of system administrators who have successfully integrated into the Astute Short Term Switch for the seamless provision of policyholder data to insurers. Insurance data sharing is automatically enabled and the system is constantly upgraded to comply with current data sharing regulations and other protocols. Because our application programming interfaces (APIs) are internet-facing, Websure is ready to integrate with virtually any system required by the insurer or broker. Data is submitted regularly in the appropriate format to the relevant bureaus to comply with access to information for credit scoring. We have also configured the integration process to TransUnion, where credit scoring takes place.

The reporting functionality is particularly strong, both in terms of range and versatility – from daily messages to month-end reports – and trusted by insurers and brokers alike.

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A big thank you to Annalize Aspelling at Brolink in Centurion for her friendliness and responding fast to your clients and business partners. You are a light in the insurance industry!